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Cisco SFPs- Big Importance in a Small Package


With network hardware and data center equipment, size or cost does not correlate to what's the most important or critical in your network. The largest server or the priciest router may not be the most critical to keeping your operation working properly. Many pieces of network hardware can be smaller ...

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WS-C3750X-48P-L: What To Know


In network hardware and data center infrastructure, reliability is essential. Our team at P3 Systems offers accessible, reliable, and affordable network hardware to all of their customers, regardless of the size of their business. To help you make informed & intelligent decisions, our blogs are being tailored to providing helpful ...

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Network Security- Stay Safe


At one point during your life, I’m sure you’ve heard a parent or adult say that ‘kid’s think they’re invincible’. Living a care-free or risky lifestyle, while not considering the consequences may not be the smartest road to travel on. This concept is very similar to a business and their ...

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Cisco A9K-MOD80-TR


When upgrading or enhancing your IT infrastructure, it goes without saying that there are certain devices that can suit your business better than others. For many businesses, network hardware that is hot swappable and modular can be the most ideal of options- allowing businesses to upgrade as needed, rather than ...

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Keep Up- Go Mobile


Some people love it, some people hate it, but the fact remains that the world is continuing to become more and more mobile with every passing day. Mobile data usage continues to soar as major communications providers keep creating the newest and most innovative devices on the market. Even if ...

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Big Data- Stay Ahead of the Game


We hope you all enjoyed your Fourth of July holiday weekend, along with watching the United States Women's Soccer Team become world champions. But as we spend time with family and friends, we must not forget that the business world continues to keep on spinning. As technology advances, both solutions ...

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By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail


“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” –Benjamin Franklin

In our business- preparation and readiness are everything. Staying ahead of market trends, forecasting customer needs, or evening paying attention to logistics can help a business in IT fly or fail. As a current or prospective customer, it’s ...

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Gov’t Data Breaches- Protect Yourself


Happy Friday to all! It’s been a busy week here at P3 Systems, as we continue to try and cultivate new strategies and tactics to better serve you. If any of you are as busy as we’ve been, you may have missed some of the big headlines in the ...

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N5K-C5548P-FA: Take Control


At P3 Systems, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the most elite and affordable data center and network equipment on the market today. We find that the N5K-C5548P-FA is one of our most sought after pieces of network equipment that can help take your business to ...

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P3’s Asset Recovery on Earth Day

earth day leaf

If you've visited any social media or news website before coming to our blog, I'm willing to be that you're aware that today is Earth Day- A day considered by many to be the modern environmental movement of 1970 (as described on Let’s face it, when an employee is asked ...

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Big Data- All About Location

Cloud computing services have reshaped the landscape for how companies conduct their business operations. Certain data center infrastructures are no longer needed on-site for many businesses, as they can send and receive necessary data from off-site locations through the cloud. But like any project that isn’t right in front of you, there’s room for concern on what to do if something goes wrong; and with big data on the rise, large organizations have begun to lead the way for taking the necessary steps to minimizing risk.

Learn From the Big Players
Want to hear a baffling statistic? According to a 2013 report from Science Daily, 90 percent of all data in the world was created over the previous two years. Talk about an information explosion- information is being downloaded and uploaded in the digital space at an astonishing rate. The world of information is changing; and companies are working to keep up.

Some of the largest companies in the world need large and robust data centers in order to keep up with the flow of information. Questions obviously arrive from this idea- How much network infrastructure does my business need? How many data centers are necessary? Where should they be stationed? An average person may think that a company such as Google or Facebook would want central data center hubs in places like Los Angeles or New York- think again. Many large corporations are utilizing remote data centers from uncommon locations, to help minimize the chance or natural disasters crippling their business:

Google–           Nationally, Google has data centers in places like Iowa, Oklahoma, Oregon, and South Carolina. Globally, Google has data centers in locations like Chile, Finland, Ireland, and Singapore.

Facebook-       Nationally, Facebook has data centers in Oregon, and North Carolina. Facebook also leases nine data centers throughout California, and now has an international presence with a data center in Sweden.

Twitter-          Twitter has one of the world’s largest data centers in Atlanta, measuring around 990,000 square feet. Twitter also has locations in San Francisco, Massachusetts, and Salt Lake City.

Amazon-         Amazon has large data center hubs in Virginia, California, and Oregon. They also have international locations in Brazil, Ireland, Singapore, Sydney, and several more.


What to Take Away
So now you’re familiar with some of the data center locations of some of the biggest companies in the world…

SO WHAT’S THE POINT? The point here is that if you and your business have, or are beginning to transition into off site data centers that provide cloud computing services, there are factors (other than cost) that you need to consider.

Climate& Location-      Look at what all of these big players have in common. If we focus only on their US presence, companies like locations in which climate is favorable, and hazards are minimal. Not many of these data center locations are in incredibly warm regions. Sure California is nice and it can get hot, but companies that utilize regions like Oregon or Massachusetts can make sense because they’re places that are naturally cooler, thus reducing the cost and risk of climate control for all of the data servers companies will need.

Natural Disasters-      Not to state the obvious, but take note from these larger companies, and avoid regions that can be impacted by large weather disasters. Avoiding Tornado Alley in the Central US, or places like Florida where hurricanes and flooding can run rampant may seem like no-brainers, but they help remind business owners what to consider when choosing on offsite data center.

If you’re looking to move to the cloud, or are a cloud services provider yourself, learn how we can help with any decommissioned network and data center hardware you or your customers may have with our industry leading Asset Recovery Program.

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