Cisco AIR-CAP3602E-A-K9

AIR-CAP3602E-A-K9 with External Antennas and 802.11a support


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With some of the industry?s fastest, most reliable wireless networks, the Cisco 3602e provides mission-critical enterprise applications, modular architecture, adaptive software, and other innovative features that ensure unrivaled performance. The Cisco 3602e builds on the modularity of the 3600 Series, allowing flexibility in function with the Cisco Aironet Wireless Security Module, the Cisco Universal Small Cell 5310 Module, and the upcoming Cisco Aironet 802.11ac Wave 2 Module for even greater speeds and higher throughput. Outputting rates of up to 1.3 Gbps, the Cisco 3602e reliably triples the capabilities of modern 802.11n access points, and is easily scalable as a component of Cisco Unified Wireless Network, for use of up to 18,000 units with full Layer-3 mobility.

Cisco?s tried-and-true software features ensure the reliability of the user?s network. Their integrated CleanAir software allows intelligent self-optimization and interference solutions, and provides support for 80-MHz channels in addition to 20- and 40-MHz. ClientLink 3.0 improves the performance and rates of mixed-client networks and increases mobile device battery life. The Cisco 3602e is the ideal solution for secure and robust wireless enterprise networks.


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