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Cisco C2960S-STACK

Cisco 2960-S FlexStack Module


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The C2960S-STACK enables FlexStack capabilities on 2960-S Series Switches, allowing up to 4 devices to be connected at full duplex 10Gbps to form a single logical unit. This allows for a unified data plane, and greatly simplifies configuration via a single point of management. Utilizing hop-by-hop packet transfer over Ethernet, the FlexStack module can both send and receive traffic simultaneously through two ports, providing up to 20Gbps of total bandwidth between stacked devices. Various deployment topologies are supported, with redundancy available wherever 20Gbps speeds are, and adding a new device to a stack is even easier than adding a standalone switch to the network.

The 2960S-STACK slots into the back of compatible 2960-S switches and can be connected with 0.5M (CAB-STK-E-0.5M), 1M (CAB-STK-E-1M), and 3M (CAB-STK-E-3M) stacking cables.


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