Cisco WS-C6509-E

Cisco-WS-C6509-E Switch


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Cisco presents the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Enhanced Series Chassis conveying up to 2 terabits for each second of framework transmission capacity limit and 80 Gbps of per-space transfer speed. In a framework arranged for VSS, this means a framework limit of 4 Tbps. The Cisco Catalyst 6500 Enhanced Series Chassis will be equipped to convey up to 180 Gbps of per-slot data transmission with a framework limit of up to 4 terabits for every second. A framework arranged for VSS will be equipped for conveying up to 8 Tbps of framework transmission capacity.

The Cisco Catalyst 6500-E Series Switch offers the broadest scope of interface modules, with industry-driving execution and propelled feature integration. The Cisco Catalyst 6500-E Series Switch additionally offers high port densities, and is available in 3-, 4-, 6-, 9, 9-Vertical, and 13-slot forms that make it perfect for a range of deployment situations.


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