Cisco A9K-MOD80-SE

Cisco ASR 9000 2 slot modular line card


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Cisco’s ASR 9000 series modular routing platform is a flexible, powerful networking solution for service provider and enterprise networks. The A9K Aggregation Services Routers support a wide range of modular line cards, including the A9K-MOD80-SE, allowing for an exceptional level of customization and scalability, even on a slot-by-slot basis. This module is fully supported by the ?9922, 9010, and 9006?chassis.

The A9K-MOD80-SE line card is divided into 2 sub module slots, allowing the card to support any combination of customer applications such as IPTV, Point to Point Video, cloud computing, and video on demand? – as well as scalable high performance Ethernet services such as IP/MPLS.

The A9K-MOD80’s support for mixing and matching sub-modules allows it to support any combination of port types on a single line card slot – allowing you to dedicate a slot to high port density with two 20-port 1GE modules, to speed with 2 10GE modules, or a mixture of the two. With this level of customization, you can custom fit each chassis you deploy to exactly match your network needs, and scale your services and port density as your requirements evolve over time.

The A9K-MOD80 comes in two feature sets, the A9K-MOD80-SE (Service Edge) and the A9K-MOD80-TR (Transport). The SE line card is tailored towards customer deployments that rely on enhanced QoS deployments, while the transport edition is designed to offer only basic QoS. These cards are cross-compatible in the same chassis. For a full breakdown of differences between these two editions, please check our technical specs tab.

If you’re not sure if the A9K-MOD80-SE is the right line card for your deployment, or if you have questions regarding sub modules, ASR-9000 chassis, or other parts, please contact us via phone, email, or the live chat bar to your right.


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