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Equipment We Buy

✓ Enterprise & Small Business Routers

✓ Cisco, HP and Juniper Switches

✓ Cisco and Polycom Phones & Accessories

Meraki & Ruckus Wireless APs

✓ Networking Accessories (SFPs, Interface cards, etc)

✓ Firewalls, Servers, and other enterprise equipment

We Don't Buy Residential Modems & Routers or:

✘ Personal Computers

✘ Laptops and Tablets

✘ Cell Phones

You can also email us at, or call 866-957-7373

How long does it take to get a quote from P3?

Most customers will get a quote back within 24 hours of their submission, however valuations for large lots of IT hardware or lists with ambiguous part numbers may take slightly longer.

How can I make the quoting process as fast as possible?

The best way to ensure you get your network hardware value assessment back ASAP is to provide a detailed list of products, quantities, and conditions.

The most important things to include are:

  • Accurate quantities
  • Full part numbers for all IT equipment
  • Condition notes and/or photos of all used network hardware

Including this information can ensure that we don’t need to contact you for clarification prior to assigning value to a particular line item.

Does the condition of my IT equipment impact its value?

Yes! The value assigned to your network hardware is directly tied to how much P3 will be able to sell it for after it is wiped, cleaned and refurbished.

Switches, routers and phones that are in great condition require fewer resources to make sale-ready, and we pass that value back to you!

If you are unsure about the condition of your used IT equipment, you can email a photograph to for clarification.

How do I get my free packaging materials from P3?

Once you submit a quote request online, on the phone, or via email our purchasing team will send you a value assessment and offer.

If you accept our offer, our logistics team will determine the amount and type of boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape required to effectively ship your IT gear.

P3 will mail these materials to your location, including prepaid shipping labels for the return trip. We can even arrange for your equipment to be picked up!

Does P3 offer network deinstallation and on-site equipment removal?

Yes! If you have switches, routers, VoIP hardware or servers that are still physically installed in your network, or are stacked in storage, we can handle their secure deinstallation and removal as part of the buyback process.

Just specify this requirement in your quote request and our logistics team will work with you on the details!

Our Buyback Process

Contact our asset recovery team and let us know the model numbers of the hardware you are trying to sell. We work with top name brands like Cisco, Brocade, Juniper, HP, and many more. Our goal is to provide you with an estimate within 24 hours of receipt of your list of your network equipment. You can do this by calling us at 1-866-7373, emailing “”, or by filling out the above web form.

Once our team reviews and evaluates your network hardware, we’ll respond to you with our valuation. We’ll present our findings of your network hardware in a formal quote. Once accepted, we’ll send you a Purchase Order containing payment terms, shipping speed, and a line-by-line breakdown on the value of your network equipment. Newer equipment such as the 2921 and 3945 routers are generally worth more than older gear such as Cisco 2821 routers and 2950 switches, but no matter what you have we will do our best to make sure we provide you with a fair value assessment.

One of the key differentiators of you using P3 Systems for your asset recovery is our superior logistics team. Our team can supply you with return shipping labels, schedule courier pickups at your location, and provide you with best-practice tips on how to safely pack and ship your network hardware. If necessary, we can supply you with shipping materials such as boxes, protective packaging, and industrial tape. We have experience shipping items ranging from Cisco switches and telephony hardware, to Riverbed and Brocade servers. Selling from NYC, Boston or Miami? Not a problem – We buy IT hardware from Brooklyn, Manhattan, Miami, Tampa, Boston or wherever your business requires. Our logistics experts know the unique challenges that come from selling hardware in New York City, or importing from South America, and will work with you to ensure a hassle-free pickup. From parcels to pallets, we make it easy.

When your network hardware arrives to our facility, we conduct a physical and technical inspection of your surplus IT equipment. We first check to ensure no damage occurred in shipping. From there, we securely clear all sensitive information and network configuration from your hardware, and submit them to our testing process. After all network devices go through our testing and refurbishment procedures (as necessary), we will present you with a summation of our findings.

When you agree to our post inspection and testing payment offer, our Accounts Payable Department will process your payment quickly and efficiently. We strive to have one of the fastest and most efficient Asset Recovery programs in the market today, and work hard so you receive payment fast.

Have questions about our buyback process?

Send us an email or give us a call, we'd be happy to answer them!

You can email, call us at 866-957-7373, or fill out our web contact form via the link to the left!

IT Hardware We Buy

Sell Used Routers

If you’re looking to sell used Cisco routers or other used it equipment, we’re the Cisco buyer you’ve been looking for.  We buy Cisco routers such as used 2900 routers, used ISR 4000 routers, ASR 1000 routers, and other used Cisco equipment.  In addition to Cisco routers, we buy routers from other manufacturers as well. Most notably, we buy dell routers, hp routers, and other enterprise routing equipment in addition to a variety of small business routers. Whether you are looking to for a Cisco buyback credit towards new it hardware, Cisco recycling or just a cash trade in, P3 systems has you covered!

Sell Used Switches

When you need to sell used networking equipment like switches, we hope you come to P3 Systems for your first Cisco buyback quote. Because we buy and sell Cisco hardware like the Cisco 3750, Cisco 3850, Cisco 2960 and Cisco nexus series switches on a daily basis, we have become experts in quickly processing Cisco switch buybacks. If you need to trade in a used Cisco switch for new IT hardware, or if you are looking for a Cisco liquidator to offer you cash, you’ve come to the right place. Additionally, if you need to sell used  switches from other manufacturers, we also buyback it hardware such as HP switches, Dell switches and Juniper switches.  P3 also specializes in helping our customers sell used Meraki hardware,  and we are one of the few Cisco buyers who will offer you cash for your used Cisco Meraki equipment.

Sell Used Wireless APs

If you have a store-room full of used access points, your first instinct may be to recycle your it hardware. However, before you recycle wireless APs, you should check with a used it equipment seller like P3 to determine its value. It can be quick and easy to sell hardware online, and within 24 hours P3 can get you a detailed value assessment on any quantity of used access points. Whether you are looking to sell Cisco access points, used meraki APs, ubiquiti access points, or other wireless network hardware, P3 is here to help you get the most out of your used network equipment.

Sell Used IP Phones

Need to sell VoIP phones? P3 Systems is one of the largest buyers of used Cisco phones,  polycom VVX phones, and other used telecom equipment. P3’s Polycom trade in program has helped many customers with Polycom VVX for sale trade in their old hardware towards Cisco ip phones, cash, or credit towards other it equipment, so the first thing you should do when you have used ip phones for sale is fill out the P3 Systems sell to us form on this page. Next time you have unwanted VoIP phones on hand, remember that we offer Cisco buy back and Polycom trade in options that make it easy to sell telecom equipment online.

Sell Used Firewalls

The Cisco ASA-5505-bun-k9 is one of the most widely used firewalls in the industry today, and as companies replace ASA 5505 with newer hardware such as Cisco ASA 5506, Sourcefire firewalls and ASA 5500-X they frequently need to sell used ASA 5505 to offset the cost of their new firewall. Before you try to ebay asa 5505 hardware, fill out our sell to us form to see how much your asa 5505 could be worth! We offer cash, trade in credit, and secure recycling services for any ASA hardware you may no longer need, so decommissioning ASA 5505’s no longer needs to be a frustrating process.

If you have other firewalls to sell such as used sourcefire, Cisco ASA 5520, ASA 5515 or ASA 5525, we also buy used enterprise firewalls as part of our it hardware buyback program.  All of our firewall buybacks are securely wiped and tested to ensure no sensitive information is left on the devices. In conclusion, next time you need to sell used ASA 5505 SEC Bun K9, 5505 unlimited bundles, or other used firewalls, we hope you’ll consider P3 Systems your first choice.

Sell Used Servers

Selling used server equipment online can seem complicated, but P3 Systems makes it easy with our server buyback program. P3 Systems also helps you sell servers without worrying about shipping logistics, data security, or payment difficulties.  We are US based company with a long history of shipping used server hardware out of difficult environments such as NYC business locations. Because of this experience, P3 Systems is your best option if you want to make sure your data is securely wiped, your servers are quickly and efficiently removed from your location, and that you are paid in a timely fashion. Next time you need to sell used servers or used datacenter hardware, we hope that you will come to P3 Systems for your first quote!