A Difference Maker

P3 Systems works to be a leader in the networking and datacenter hardware industry by providing services that surpass those of our competitors. If you’re looking to buy or sell routers, switches, telephony, wireless, security appliance gear, or any other data center hardware, we’ve got the means to simplify this for you with our superior logistical strategies we’ve put in place.

Providing Supplies

One of our key differentiators at P3 Systems is how simple we make the shipping process for our customers. We can supply our customers with the materials that will allow you to securely ship any router, switch, telephone, server, or wireless device you may have. If necessary, we’ll send shipping boxes, protective wrap and tape, as well as a return label- we’ll even coordinate courier pickups to your location.

Have questions about shipping or logistics?

Send us an email or give us a call, we'd be happy to answer them!

You can email sales@p3online.com, call us at 866-957-7373, or fill out our web contact form via the link to the left!