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Selling used ruckus wireless access points or ICX switches? You’re in the right place. With over 10 years experience as an online network hardware buyer, we have the enterprise technology trade-in process down to a science. Our goal is to make it as fast and simple as possible for you to sell your used Ruckus hardware. For example, our team provides free packaging materials custom tailored to your used ruckus APs or switches in order to make it easy to pack and ship. To make thing even easier, we can even mail you pre-paid shipping labels and arrange for a carrier pickup! Just kick back and let us worry about the details.

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Used Ruckus Indoor Wireless APs:

  • Ruckus H550: Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) Wi-Fi access point with integrated switch in a wall-plate form factor.
  • Ruckus R350: 4 stream AP (2×2:2 in 2.4Ghz, 2×2:2 in 5GHz) with Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax).
  • Ruckus H350: Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) AP with built in switch.
  • Ruckus Q710: indoor, ceiling or wall-mounted LTE Access Point for CBRS.
  • Ruckus Q410: indoor, ceiling/wall-mounted Indoor LTE AP for CBRS.
  • ZoneFlex M510: Wave 2 802.11ac Wi-Fi AP for LTE network backhaul integration.
  • ZoneFlex C110: Wave2 802.11ac (MU-Mimo) Wi-Fi AP with DOCSIS 3.0 backhaul support.
  • Ruckus H320: entry-level Wave2 802.11ac (MU-MIMO-capable) Wireless AP with integrated switch.
  • ZoneFlex H510: Wave 2 802.11ac (MU-MIMO-capable) Wi-Fi access point w/ onboard switch.
  • Ruckus R850: dual-band concurrent 12 stream Wi-Fi 6 Access Point.
  • Ruckus R750: 8 stream AP (4×4:4 in 5GHz, 4×4:4 in 2.4GHz) with Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) support.
  • Ruckus R730: dual-band concurrent 12 stream 802.11ax-Ready Access Point.
  • ZoneFlex R720: dual-band concurrent 4×4 802.11ac Wave 2 Access Point
  • Ruckus R710: the industry’s highest performance 802.11ac Wave 2 access point.
  • Ruckus R650 6 stream AP (4×4:4 in 5GHz, 2×2:2 in 2.4GHz) with Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) support
  • ZoneFlex R610 Indoor 802.11ac Wave 2 3×3:3 Wi-Fi Access Point
  • Ruckus R550 Indoor Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) Access Point for Dense Environments
  • Ruckus R510 Indoor 802.11ac Wave 2 2×2:2 Wireless Access Point
  • Ruckus R320 is an Indoor 2×2:2 802.11ac Wave2 (MU-MIMO-capable) Wi-Fi access point.

Used Ruckus Outdoor APs:

  • Ruckus T750SE: The Wi-Fi Industry’s highest performing outdoor Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) AP.
  • RUCKUS T350d: 802.11ax / Wi-Fi 6, 2×2:2 Outdoor AP with MU-MIMO.
  • RUCKUS T350c: Outdoor access point wwith 802.11ax / Wi-Fi 6, 2×2:2 with MU-MIMO.
  • RUCKUS T350se: Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) outdoor AP with dual-band concurrent 2×2:2 802.11ax (5GHz) and 2×2:2 802.11ax (2.4GHz).
  • RUCKUS T811-CM: (Non-SFP) outdoor AP with 802.11ac Wave2 4×4:4 in a lightweight, strand-mounted form factor.
  • Ruckus Q910: outdoor pole, wall, or strand-mounted LTE Access Point for CBRS.
  • ZoneFlex E510: Wave 2 802.11ac (MU-MIMO-capable) Wi-Fi access point (AP) with modular enclosure.
  • Ruckus T750: Outdoor 4×4:4 Wi-Fi 6 Access Point with 2.5Gbps Backhaul.
  • Ruckus T710: Outdoor 802.11ac Wave 2 4×4:4 Wi-Fi Access Point.
  • ZoneFlex T710s: 120-degree Sector coverage version of the T710 AP.
  • Ruckus T610: Outdoor 802.11ac Wave 2 4×4:4 Wi-Fi Access Point.
  • Ruckus T310d: 802.11ac Wave 2, 2×2:2 Outdoor AP with MU-MIMO.
  • Ruckus T310c: 802.11ac Wave2, 2×2:2 Outdoor AP with MU-MIMO.
  • RUCKUS T310: Outdoor 802.11ac Wave 2 2×2:2 Wi-Fi Access Point for targeted deployments.
  • Ruckus T310s: 120 degree coverage version of the T310 AP.
  • Ruckus T811-CM: Outdoor 802.11ac Wave2 4×4:4 Wi-Fi Access Point.
  • Ruckus P300: Smart 802.11ac 5GHz Outdoor Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Bridge.

Used Ruckus ICX Switches:

  • RUCKUS ICX 7150: Entry-Level Enterprise-Class Stackable Access Switch
  • RUCKUS ICX 7250: Entry-Level Enterprise-Class Stackable Access Switch with redundant power supply
  • RUCKUS ICX 7450: mid-market stackable switch with IPsec VPN security
  • RUCKUS ICX 7550: midrange stackable switch for wired connectivity at the edge of the network
  • RUCKUS ICX 7650: multigigabit, nonblocking, high availability switch.
  • RUCKUS ICX 7750: aggregation and core distributed chassis switch for enterprise LANs.
  • RUCKUS ICX 7850: high-performance stackable core switch.

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