Cisco C2960X-STACK

Cisco-C2960X-STACK FlexStack Module


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Looking to extend the value of your 2960 switches? With the C2960X-STACK, you can double the speed of your stack data-transfer capacity and permit more individuals to join your stack. With integrated 1:N redundancy, high availability, and pre-provisioning, features such as EtherChannel and Flex Links will work across stack members, expanding uptime and system availability.

The C2960X-STACK provides administrators fewer devices to manage. Various physical switches in a stack appear as a lone predictable switch. This reduces IT-administrative costs, due to the reduction of devices in the network to manage. The C2960X-STACK also offers operational benefits, providing built-in redundancy and increased availability. Data path redundancy is integrated into the stacking architecture as there are two physical paths between any two stack members.

FlexStack-Plus is a change over FlexStack in light of the way that it matches the speed of the stack exchange speed and considers more people to join the stack. The FlexStack-Plus transmission capacity for a solitary stack part is 40Gbps contrasted with 20Gbps with FlexStack. With various stack individuals, the FlexStack-Plus data transfer capacity is 80Gbps, and the FlexStack transmission capacity is 40Gpbs.


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