Cisco ATA186-I1-A

Cisco ATA 186 Telephone Adapter for 2 Phone/Fax


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Note: The ATA186-I1-A includes the ATA telephone adapter only – users will need a compatible 5v DC power supply to use this device.While we do not currently sell these on our site, we’d be happy to help you locate one if necessary!

The Cisco ATA186-I1-A (Analog Telephone Adapter) converts traditional telephone handsets into VoIP endpoints, allowing you to use your existing phone hardware on network based telephony platforms. This can be a convenient and cost effective alternative to fully upgrading your companies phone hardware to VoIP handsets, and can allow for the integration of specialty phones that may not have a specific VoIP equivalent.

Each Cisco ATA186-I1-A can provide service to two independently numbered telephones or fax machines, making them ideal for call centers or other high-density telephone deployments, allowing for savings on Ethernet cabling and hardware by requiring only 1 ATA 186 for every 2 endpoints.

The ATA186-I1-A has 600 ohm impedance – for applications requiring complex impedence you may require an ATA186-I2-A. If you’re unsure as to which ATA your project requires, just forward us your hardware information and project details – we’ll be happy to assist you.


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