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Cisco Aironet
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Cisco AIR-AP1832I-B-K9

AIR-AP1832I-B-K9 with lifetime warranty: 802.11a/g/n/ac, Wave 2

Cisco AIR-AP1852I-B-K9

AIR-AP1852I-B-K9: Dual-band, controller-based 802.11a/g/n/ac, Wave 2

Cisco AIR-AP3802E-B-K9

Cisco dual-band controller-based 802.11a/g/n/ac, configurable AP (B-Domain)

Cisco AIR-AP3802I-B-K9

Cisco AIR-AP3802I-B-K9 Dual-band, controller-based 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wave 2 AP

Cisco AIR-CAP1702i-A-K9

Cisco AIR-CAP1702i-A-K9 access point with internal antennas.

Cisco AIR-CAP1702i-B-K9

Cisco-AIR-CAP1702i-B-K9 Wireless Access Point

Cisco AIR-CAP2602E-A-K9

Cisco AIR-CAP2602E-A-K9 with external antennas.

Cisco AIR-CAP2602E-B-K9

Cisco-AIR-CAP2602E-B-K9 Wireless Access Point

Cisco AIR-CAP2602I-A-K9

Cisco 2602I-A-K9 802.11a/g/n Wireless Access Point

Cisco AIR-CAP2602I-B-K9

Cisco-AIR-CAP2602i-B-K9 Wireless Access Point

Cisco AIR-CAP2702E-A-K9

Cisco AIR-CAP2702E-A-K9 Access Point with external antennas.

Cisco AIR-CAP2702E-B-K9

Cisco-AIR-CAP2702E-B-K9 Wireless Access Point

Cisco AIR-CAP2702I-A-K9

Cisco Aironet 2702i Controller-based PoE Access Point -

Cisco AIR-CAP2702I-B-K9

Cisco-AIR-CAP2702i-B-K9 Wireless Access Point

Cisco AIR-CAP3502I-A-K9

Cisco 3502-A-K9 802.11n Wireless Access Point

Cisco AIR-CAP3602E-A-K9

AIR-CAP3602E-A-K9 with External Antennas and 802.11a support