PWR-C1-715WAC with lifetime warranty. 715W AC Power Supply for Cisco 3750-X, 3650-X and 3850 series switches.


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PWR-C1-715WAC Power Supply

PWR-C1-715WAC power supply


The Cisco PWR-C1-715WAC power supply is compatible with 3750-X, 3560-X, 3650 and 3850 series catalyst switches. This power supply provides 715W of power, and requires a 10A AC input. You may need this power supply to add redundancy or additional PoE power to many of Cisco’s current switching platforms. For example, a 24 port 3850 switch can only provide 15.4W of PoE per port with a single power supply. However once a second PWR-C1-715WAC is installed, the available PoE power jumps up to 30W per port.

PWR-C1-715WAC Notched Power Cable

Because this power supply may be exposed to high temperatures, its AC input requires a notched power cable. Most desktop computers and fixed power cisco switches require AC power cables with C13 connectors. However the notched power input on the PWR-C1-715WAC requires a C15 connector, as seen in the closeup photo above. Cables with C15 connectors are rated up to 120° C, as opposed to the C13 which is typically only rated to 65°c. Because of the notch on this connector standard C13 cables will not fit into this power supply, so be sure you have the correct C15 cable on hand when you prepare for installation. If you would like help obtaining C15 cables please contact us.

Switches Compatible with the PWR-C1-715WAC

The PWR-C1-715WAC is supported by all 3750X, 3560X, 3650 and 3850 switches. While not all of these switches ship with a PWR-C1-715WAC by default, they will all support this power supply. When determining what wattage power supply you require for your install, you’ll need to verify how many total watts are required for your use case. Check the datasheet for each switching product line will show how many watts of PoE are provided by various power supply combinations. For non PoE switches, the minimum required power supply wattage for basic operation will be listed. When
planning for redundancy, you’ll want to use a second power supply that at least matches the wattage of the default PWR-C1 that ships with your switch model.

Cisco Datasheets

3850 Datasheet

3650 Datasheet

3750X Datasheet

3560X Datasheet

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