Cisco CTS-EX60-K9

Cisco TelePresence EX-60 all-in-one communication platform


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Combining voice, video, and tactile technologies with a series of a/v inputs, the CTS-EX60 streamlines the integration of communication into your workflow – allowing for a seamless transition between computing and conferencing. The CTS-EX60 bundle ships with three powerful technologies: The Cisco Telepresence Touch 8 interface, a PrecisionHD Telepresence camera, and the EX60 platform itself.

The EX60 display features a 21.5 inch LED backlit LCD display capable of displaying up to 1920 x 1080 resolution. For audio, the EX60 provides two stereo speakers, located on the front of the display, and a full range microphone, greatly minimizing the amount of cabling and setup required for deployment. The EX60 can also be used as a desktop monitor, allowing users to toggle back and forth between video calls and desktop work with ease. To facilitate this, the EX60 has a DVI input capable of accepting input resolutions from 800×600 up to 1920×1080, and a 3.5mm audio line in. The EX60 can easily replace an existing monitor, or be used as a secondary monitor and calling platform, making collaboration an integral part of your workflow.

The EX60’s camera is a PrecisionHD Camera capable of 720p60 and 1080p30, with auto focus and a 50? horizontal field of view, EX Series camera transmits with near perfect clarity. While you can desk-mount this device if desired, the PrecisionHD Camera fits perfectly atop the EX60 display, providing for a more natural communication experience.

The Cisco Telepresence Touch 8 controller ties the whole package together, providing complete control over your communications at the touch of a finger. With an 8″ touch screen sporting 800 x 480 resolution, the TelePresence Touch 8 makes transitioning between video sources, calls, and menu options extremely intuitive. With 47″ of cable, this controller can be used comfortably from your desk, or your boardroom table.

This versatile platform is more than just a webcam, it’s an all-in-one collaboration platform built on security, seamless integration, and ease of use. If you have questions about how the Cisco Telepresence EX60-K9 can help you achieve your collaboration goals, please reach out to one of our engineers or sales associates – we’d be happy to assist you as you explore this technology.



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